A hotel in Abruzzo with a garden and play area – all a few steps from the sea

A large green park by the seashore and a beautifully cared for garden, resplendent with flowers and palm trees – the landscape that surrounds the holiday village Hotel Berti is unique. Beyond the hotel are vistas of the hills and ridges of the Apennines in the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso and views of the Adriatic sea that reaches out from the Hotel Berti – a landscape that promises countless opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation.

At the Hotel Berti, a holiday becomes an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Sit by the sea in the heat of the sun, enjoying moments of refreshment in the shade from the trees of the pineta, dive into the swimming pool or enjoy an invigorating swim in the sea. And while the children play in the midst of the green park playing hide and between the majestic palms or chasing one another barefoot on the grass – adults can revitalise themselves with an open-air yoga lesson or simply read a book in the shady pinewood.

Relax, melt into the intense green of the park, the golden sand, the blue of the sea the sky – envelop yourself in a dimension of carefree wellness, surrounded by nature and by the scent of flowers.