Silvi Marina – flavours, traditions and landscape

REGIONE-VERDE-D'EUROPASilvi Marina is a much loved seaside resort for families and holidaymakers. Its natural landscape is protected thanks to the establishment of protected area known as the Area Marina Protetta at Torre del Cerrano.
At the same time, top class tourist facilities mean that visitors can enjoy their stay in comfort. It is an ideal place for the young couple in search of intimacy and families with kids. A holiday here is enriched by good cuisine, strong traditions and local customs.

bandiera bluThe Hotel Berti and its private beach is located in the heart of Silvi Marina (with its 15,000 inhabitants). It enjoys a strategic position in the small town, near the SS 16 highway and the A14 motorway. It is an ideal location in Abruzzo, a few km from Pescara and halfway along the coast. In less than an hour you can reach all the important seaside resorts and access both countryside and mountains.

A fun and relaxing holiday for children, adults and seniors

Silvi Marina offers many opportunities for relaxation and fun for all ages, in particular during the summer season. From the little ones to grandparents, there is plenty to do. The marina offers great leisure time activities: shops, exhibitions, concerts, theme nights. All this is facilitated by a sunny climate that encourages an outdoor life that restores both mind and body. Plan your holiday at the Hotel Berti in Silvi Marina!